Flat bed truck


NEUHÄUSER’s flat bed truck has a very sturdy welded construction with low-laying loading areas. Both pivoted bolsters with their saddles can be detached from their trailer which makes it possible to take full advantage of the effective length of the hoisting cage with the trailer alone. This flat bed truck is suited to transporting heavy machine components with relatively large dimensions.

The close wheel base in the pivoted bolsters makes it possible to drive through very small curve radiuses up to approximately 4 m. It ensures quiet running and bogie retraction with a torsion spring mounted in the middle of the
pivoted bolster. Its tilting safety is boosted by supporting elements mounted on the side of the pivoted bolster.
 Technical dates
 Lenght approx. 5.380 mm
 Effective length approx. 3.200 mm
 Effective width (total width) approx. 900 mm
 Total height approx. 523 mm
 Height of the loading area approx. 240 mm
 Loading capacity 120 kN
 Weight approx. 1.325 kg
 * other dimensions as requested
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