Roof transport support system

5Ausbautransport grau


Our roof transport support system can be transported on the monorail conveyor and bogies with a fastening in conformity with DIN 20590. Dependent upon the route cross-section to be made, you can load two to four complete constructions including the covering mats. It is not necessary to secure the load beyond this since it provides sufficiently high front walls in the area of the timbering segments. With segment lengths larger than the gliding beam dimension, the front walls are drawn in the gliding beam zone.
 Technical data
 Length   approx. 3.100 - 3.800 mm
 Effective width   approx. 900 mm
 Effective height   approx. 840 mm
 Weight   approx. 590 - 730 kg
 Load-bearing force   max. 40 kN
 * other dimensions as requested

Material handling equipment

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