Supply and disposal container

Ver und Entsorungsbehälter gelb Our supply and disposal container is engineered for supplying and disposing of oils (or liquids similar to oil) in underground mining. It contains two chambers of 400 l capacity that are filled and emptied with a pump aggregate. The level of liquid is monitored with the pneumatic level regulating equipment and the mounting parts are under a lockable cover. It can be moved on the monorail conveyor
or bogies with fastening in conformity with DIN 20590.
 Technical data
 Effective length approx. 3.565 mm
 Effective wight 750 mm
 Effective height         695 mm
 Weight 775 kg
 Volume 2 x 400 l
 Pumping capacity 25 l/min by 6 bar of air pressure

 * other dimensions as requested

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