Explosives transport container

Sprengstofftranspb grau1

Our explosives transport container is divided up into several (usually eight to twelve) separate lockable compartments. Each compartment can only be opened with two different keys (the two-person principle).Crusher zones mounted on the front sides boost the container’s transport safety. It can be moved on the monorail conveyor and bogies with fastening in conformity with DIN 20590.

 Technical data
 Effective length approx. 3.000 - 3.600 mm
 Effective width approx. 750  - 1.100 mm
 Effective height approx. 700 - 1.100 mm
 Weight approx. 800 - 1.000 kg
 Capacity up to 24 pieces (explosive boxes)
 Projectile boxes with the usual dimensions
 * other dimensions as requested
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